The Inquisitors
A Inquisitor in action


The Inquisition


The Zealot

Inquisitors are enemies of orcs and goblins. They are as much fearsome fencers as powerful magicians.

These powerful enemies can take part in a fight like any regular soldier, but come with a rude and wicked side effect: Magic.

Often during a fight, they will jump back and begin casting one of two spells.

The first spell will paralyze the target and stun him for 2-4 seconds, depending on how much damage they take during the stun. The second spell is an overwhelming DoT which will rapidly eat away at your health, but it will not lower you past the 5% mark. This spell is most commonly placed on Styx alone, seeing as this spell on Arkaïl would end the fight almost immediately.


The Inquisitors were founded a little before the events of Styx: Master of Shadows, and were headed by Aaron Barimen. The Inquisitors act as a special task force, used by Aaron as his own bodyguards and enforcers.

Of Orcs and MenEdit

When Arkhaïl and Styx came to the Wall, the Inquisitors had put a bounty on their heads, and made a point to exterminate the goblins that belonged to Sarkyss. When Arkhaïl and Styx burned down a temple belonging to the Inquisitors, along with all of the disciples inside, The Zealot, the current leader of the order, started a manhunt for the two.


To the Inquisitors, they are superior to everyone else. They view the Mages with hostility, and wait for them to do something worthy of their destruction. Goblins and Orcs are universally despised, and during the time Akenash stood, the elves their were met with contempt.