Styx is the Damage-Dealer-type of character in Of Orcs and Men.

He can be skilled more towards melee combat or ranged Combat.

He has three different Skilltrees (one for melee combat, one for ranged combat and one for special skills).

Every Skill can be upgraded one time with one of two different effects.

Hand-to-Hand Stance Edit

Hand-to-Hand Stance

Quick Attack

Flying Daggers

Armor Piercing

Destabilizing Attack


Poisoned Daggers


Ranged Stance Edit

Ranged Combat Stance

Throw Knife

Accurate Throw

Low Blow


Beard Trim

Stunning Bomb

Rain of Arrows

Special Stance Edit

Throw Goblin

Raise Ally

Stealth Stance

Path of the Assassin: Edit




Path of the Shadowgoblin: Edit

Shadow Combustion


Life Drain

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