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Race: Goblin
Gender: Male
Appearance(s): Of Orcs and Men
Styx: Master of Shadows

Styx is the deuteragonist and the protagonist in Styx: Master of Shadows. He is the opposite of Arkaïl, relying on subtlety instead of brute force. Styx is perfect for stealth and he has some dark powers at his command. He is unique in being the only goblin capable of speech.


Styx is an ancient goblin and is incredibly intelligent for his species being the only known goblin able to speak. He is a skilled infiltrator and assassin, capable of killing humans twice his size without raising suspicion. He has a sarcastic demeanor as opposed to Arkail's much more serious personality. He tends to shy away from prolonged combat as he is somewhat fragile and instead prefers taking out enemies silently without raising alarm.


Styx: Master of Shadows that takes place more than 200 years before Of Orcs and Men revealed that Styx original self was actually an orc who during his studies to become shaman faced unfortunate accident with the ember which transformed him into first goblin or rakash in existence.

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