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Styx as he appears in Master of Shadows
Race: Goblin
Gender: Male
Appearance(s): Of Orcs and Men
Styx: Master of Shadows
Styx: Shards of Darkness

Styx is the deuteragonist in the game, Of Orcs and Men, and the protagonist in Styx: Master of Shadows and Styx: Shards of Darkness.

He is the opposite of Arkaïl, relying on subtlety instead of brute force. Styx is perfect for stealth and he has some dark powers at his command.

He is unique in the fact he is the only known Goblin capable of human speech, unlike the other Goblins which can only make unintelligent growling sounds.


Akenash: Edit

Creation: Edit

At some point shortly before the events of Styx: Master of Shadows begins, the original Styx created a clone to carry out his orders, sharing only a few memories with him, such as his alliance with a smuggler named Ozkan, as well as his burning desire to make off with the Heart of the World Tree, before leaving him hidden somewhere in the bowels of the Atrium.

Whilst the original let himself get captured by a guard so he could begin poisoning relations between humans and elves alike, he had his clone complete various missions around the tower of Akenash to make reaching the World Tree easier for the original.

Beginning his mission: Edit

Shortly after the original Styx was captured, he woke up his clone, telling him "Hey, rakash, the Heart of the Tree is over there. Almost within each. And by your life your gonna find some way to steal it... because your leaving the tower without it."

Upon waking up, Styx proceeded to exit the area he had been left in by the original Styx to seek out his missing dagger. Overhearing a conversation between a pair of guards discussing a dagger another had found, he continued on. Evading guards he made his way to a store room where he stole back his dagger, as well as leaving with a map of Akenash.

Meeting Ozkan: Edit

As he made his way through the tower, Styx eventually found himself trapped in a small area behind a gate with no way out. At this point, he encountered an ally known as Ozkan, who offered him a way out.

Personality Edit

Styx is an ancient goblin and is incredibly intelligent for his species being the only known goblin able to speak. He is a skilled infiltrator and assassin, capable of killing humans twice his size without raising suspicion. He has a sarcastic demeanour as opposed to Arkail's much more serious personality. He tends to shy away from prolonged combat as he is somewhat fragile and instead prefers taking out enemies silently without raising alarm.

When Styx learned he was merely a duplicate of the original, he was shown to be infuriated to have been manipulated into blindly following orders for another and resented his condition and what he had been put through.

Appearance Edit

In Of Orcs and Men Edit

As a Goblin, Styx is a significantly shorter being, standing roughly two thirds the height of an average human when at full height and about half the height of a human when crouched down. In Of Orcs and Men, Styx is shown wearing shoulder pad armour, a pair of rough sandals, and a red/brown-ish ragged cloak like garb, also with a long pointed hood pulled over his head, with ear holes.

In Styx: Master of Shadows Edit

Styx's design remained very similar in Master of Shadow and his clothing strongly resembled what he wore later on in Of Orcs and Men. The only real difference being his cloak like clothing was a dark black colour rather than the red/brown-ish colours he adopted in Of Orcs and Men.

His attire was also more ragged, with most of his left shoulder and chest being exposed. For the vast majority of the game, he also possessed an intricate Amber tattoo that would glow when he was enshrouded in darkness, though in the final stage this mark would be removed.

In Styx: Shards of Darkness Edit

(This section is for a currently unreleased title in the Styx series. Specific details unavailable are currently unavailable at the present time.)

Equipment & Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

In Of Orcs and Men Edit

In Of Orcs and Men, Styx carries 3 throwing knives over his right shoulder, a dagger over his left shoulder and another dagger attached at his waist.

In Styx: Master of Shadows Edit

In Master of Shadows, Styx is seems to travel relatively light, compared to his creator. He only possesses a single dagger, however he still carries Vials of Life and Flasks of Amber (up to 3 of each respective item) as well as Acid vials for rapid disposal of enemies.

In Styx: Shards of Darkness Edit

(This section is for a currently unreleased title in the Styx series. Details unavailable are currently unavailable at the present time.)

Abilities Edit

Standard Abilities Edit

Styx is a very agile Goblin, capable of leaping incredibly high in a single bound. This lets him easily reach of the way places, or climb walls by leaping from one foothold to another. He can also roll in order to escape combat or quickly slip through an enemies view without the chance of them raising the alarm.

Styx can also crouch down or flatten himself against things such as walls and barrels, in order to become more stealthy and avoid detection. He is also a relatively skilled combatant, capable of duelling and besting most enemies, although he does prefer to avoid head in combat in favour of stealthily defeating his opponents.

He also shows exceptional accuracy and throwing power with both throwing knives and sand balls, capable of killing un-armoured foes from afar with knives, provided his throwing line isn't impeded by anything, as well as lobbing sand balls to put out torches from a distance. Styx can also whistle in order to attract and lure nearby guards toward him.

Amber Abilities Edit

Thanks to his capacity to utilise Amber, Styx has several unique abilities at his command, which he can use as he pleases provided he has enough Amber.


Styx has ability to spit out some Amber which will form into a clone of himself. He can then temporarily assume control of the clone for a set period of time, until it either expires, he destroys it to reclaim the Amber used to originally create it, or the clone dies in some way. He can then use these clones to perform tasks he himself may not be able to, such as squeezing through grille's beneath gates in order to activate mechanisms to allow the real Styx to pass through.

The clones themselves have very basic capabilities, only being able to run, jump sneak, and around. They can also bind guards to allow the real Styx to finish them off, make loud, growling/yelling like noises in order to lure any nearby guards, as well as unfasten chandeliers and loads from cranes, to drop them on unsuspecting enemies that may be beneath and crush them.

Amber Vision:

Amber Vision temporarily heightens Styx's senses, allowing him to be more aware of his surroundings. Amber Vision can help him gauge where an enemy may be facing if seeing them through a wall, easily detect objects worth collecting, observe sections of walls that are climbable, and see marks left by Ozkan and his smugglers drawn in Amber, which can lead him to hiding places.


Styx can use Amber to temporarily make himself completely invisible to his enemies. This can allow him too easily escape from an enemy when in combat, or even outright bypass dangerous situations altogether.

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Styx: Master of Shadows Edit

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