• Hello, although I haven't been active in a while, I'm currently this wiki's only administrator. If anyone is interested in becoming an administrator for this wikia, please post below in the comment section.

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    • Hey Charlie,

      I know its been quite awhiles since you posted this, but I was hoping I might still be able to put in an application of sorts to become an administrator on this wikia regardless.

      I've been trying to keep the wikia updated and so on, and think I could do good as an Admin.

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    • Thanks for applying, I just gave you administrator rights. If you ever need anything, feel free to post a message on my wall.

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    • Wow, I wasn't expecting a response that quickly.

      Thanks very much for accepting my application.

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    • A little late but can I help? I think the aesthetics of the wiki need work in particular (the theme) but, maybe also extending upon Master of Shadows section (i.e. more pages and detail). I think a picture from the Tower of Akenash section would make a good background. I've already expanded upon the extensive Styx article but it might make more sense to split off sections into new pages linked to the main e.g. Styx's cloning ability and details of.

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    • A FANDOM user
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